AIPD人工智能医生用IBM Watson建立人工大脑和自然语言处理NLP。是与天链平行的产品 – 另两个是AIHPC智能超算云和PNN。现在可以实用weight loss based on medical blood test metrics。demo在。右上角chatbot 后面的支持是人工大脑。


White Papers Chained

1.  Project TChain®safer blockchain to defend attacks from quantum computers that potentially threaten the survival of the blockchain industry

2. Project AIHPC®faster ether mining and wallet powered by the high-performance-computing (HPC as opposed to GPU) capability of AIHPC (a computer product developed by us and released by Amazon cloud marketplace)

3. Project AIPD® Doctor – the first artificial brain on AIHPC® with PNN® machine-learning algos and Watson NLP to substantiate the BBD (Bezos Buffett Dimon) attempt to fix the broken U.S. healthcare system.

The series of projects attempt to eventually fix the broken U.S. healthcare system by engaging blockchain finance and healthcare AI.