HPCDock: Make Your HPC (High Performance Computing) 5 Times Faster
How to make your HPC cluster 5 times faster? Use HPCDock as the custom AMI image for the worker nodes in your cluster creation. HPCDock is the 
next-generation AWS cloud product to elevate your system performance instantly by using Docker and container load balancing. 

1) Robust custom AMI to make your HPC cluster 5 times faster by using enterprise load balancer and 5 docker containers for each worker node
2) Easy to enable the next-gen high-performance multiplication with a single script; works for a single instance or an HPC cluster 
3) Building on ZDAF dual-layer security for DOS and ZeroDay defense

A. How it works: set up your HPCDock-based HPC cluster in 3 easy steps
1. Launch the HPCDock AMI from AWS Cloud DeepCyber Catalog to an EC2 instance and obtain {Your IP/DNS}
2. SSH into the new EC2 and verify that "/home/ubuntu/lb.sh" launches 5 docker containers and a load balancer.
3. Create your HPC cloud cluster with the HPCDock AMI as the custom AMI. 

1. How to create an HPC cluster with the {HPCDock AMI ID}?
You have two options:
1) Use AWS CfnCluster {see instruction at https://aws.amazon.com/hpc/cfncluster/}
custom_ami={HPCDock AMI ID}
2) Use MIT StarCluster {see instruction at http://star.mit.edu/cluster/}
node_image_id={HPCDock AMI ID}

2. How to locate the {HPCDock AMI ID} for different regions?
HPCDock AWS Product Page -> Continue -> Manual Launch -> AMI IDs for different regions

3. How to launch 5 Docker containers and enterprise load balancer for each worker node?
/home/ubuntu/lb.sh {execute this script from command line}

4. Why is your HPC on HPCDock AMI 5 times faster?
With HPCDock, the additional 5 Docker containers are running parallelly on the worker nodes. This makes your HPC 5 times faster than 
the one without using HPCDock for the worker nodes. 

5. Can HPCDock reduce the number of worker nodes without affecting the cluster's capability?
Yes. With HPCDock, each of the 5 containers of a worker node can process similar workload as an original worker node.

6. What is the URL to verify that the load balancer is working for a worker node?
browser -> http://{Your IP/DNS}:9000/

7. What is the command to show the 5 containers and the enterprise load balancer on EC2?
docker ps {this verifies that the load balancer are running for the 5 containers}

8. How to license HPCDock to create your own AMI for derived servers?
HPCDock is licensed on the numbers of server instances. For a single derived server, you may keep a small original HPCDock up 
and running to pay for your derived AMI instance. For multiple derived HPCDock servers, you may procure an enterprise license 
and/or a support plan from demo@deepcybe.com.  

Contact demo@deepcybe.com for installation support or inquiry on advanced support plans    

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